"Fidel is making a name for himself as a voice of Baltimore…his book [Raw Wounds] dives into his life experiences, depression, and loss of loved ones, with commentary about how racism contributes to poverty and injustices in Baltimore." - The Washington Post


Kondwani Fidel is the author of ‘Raw Wounds’ and founder of ‘READ’ (a clothing company that’s mission is to promote literacy). Fidel has toured in the United Kingdom and lectured and taught classes at the University of East London. He has also lectured and shared poetry at countless universities, conferences, and literary events across America.

Fidel is a 2016 recipient of the 'Ford: Men of Courage Award,' has been featured in Washington PostMicCNN, and elsewhere, and has made television appearances on RT America. He has been published in The RootThe Afro, and City Paper.

Fidel is a M.F.A. Candidate at the University of Baltimore, concentrating on Creative Writing and Publishing Arts. He is from, and currently lives in, Baltimore, Maryland.