Da Art of Hustlin

I've driven hundreds of hours in a 1999 mini van, from one city to the next, and back, for free. Just so I could have a shot at showing the world, and myself, that I believe in Kondwani Fidel. There was one time when I performed at 13 different shows in a week, because I was the new kid on the block, and I wanted to inspire people.

I've been HUSTLIN since my first performance, at #VSU on Feb. 10, 2013. HUSTLIN is thinking about your next play while in the middle of your current one. HUSTLIN is beating on your craft, EVERYDAY. How can you be a HUSTLA and hate Mondays? Real HUSTLAS love Mondays.

HUSTLIN is going flat broke on Uber's, trains, bus tickets, and flights; only to get to your final destination to sleep on someone's floor. Real HUSTLAS don't worry about who's having sex with who, who's liking who pic, or who said what about so and so.

You can't be a HUSTLA and settle for mediocrity; that's an oxymoron. You have to actually HUSTLE, in order to be a HUSTLA
You can't watch a couple of YouTube videos and call that "working on my craft." You can't sit on a panel or two and call that "makin moves." You can't receive a couple hundred likes on the gram, and call that "winning." Your voice came through the radio a few times? That doesn't mean you're "outchea."

There is nothing wrong with not being a HUSTLA. You can always save your time and energy to focus on something else, like candy crush. It will also save the time of the people who do believe in you.

Anyone can part their lips and say whatever about Kondwani Fidel. But when they bury me, know I wasn't nothing but a man, and a HUSTLA
Somebody gotta put on for my family, right?

I've published two books, in two years, and currently I'm 23-years-old.Through all of this, I still find a large portion of my time to dedicate to the youth, to help create more efficient readers and critical thinkers. In a few years, we will see who was HUSTLIN, and who was playing. 
You can bluff ya mother, me, ya baby mother, and yourself; but you can't bluff time. You can't finesse the universe my friend.

Get ya HUSTLE on

- Kondwani Fidel

Mikea Hugley