Kondwani FIDEL

No matter what obstacles you face in life, always remember to pursue your passion. Never have a plan “B” because it only distracts you from your plan “A”


Kondwani Fidel is a writer, spoken word artist, and speaker who City Paper calls "A Poet Laureate." He has been featured in The Huffington PostSky NewsCNN and other international publications. Business Insider writes, “The 22 year old poet is now reaching people all over the world.”


Kondwani Fidel has made multiple TV appearances, including Right This Minute TV, where his life story was syndicated to millions. NY Daily writes, “A Baltimore poet is on the way to becoming the country’s most famous substitute teacher,” after a video of him performing in front of students instantly went viral, receiving over 3 million shares.


From Tennessee to Delaware, he has performed for thousands of elementary to college-aged students. Additionally, Kondwani Fidel has been the featured performer for distinguished educators at Scholastic Headquarters in New York City; leaders for academic racial equity at The National Summit for Courageous Conversation; and numerous elected officials, including White House Cabinet Secretary and Chair of President Obama's My Brother's Keeper Task Force. Recently, Kondwani Fidel has shared the stage with rapper KRS-One at Virginia State University, prominent political activist Angela Davis at Radford University, and former Def Jam poet Black Ice in  New York City. Glenn Singleton, celebrated author and host of The National Summit for Courageous Conversation, says, "I witnessed Kondwani command the intellect, emotion and spirit of an international audience of nearly one thousand racial equity leaders. I knew his talent was the bonafide voice of our collective future."


Shortly after graduating from Virginia State University with a Bachelor’s degree in English, Kondwani Fidel released his debut poetry book Asperous Artistry in August 2015. Award winning Salon columnist D. Watkins writes, "Kondwani is an inspiration to us all. His voice is sharp, relevant and now! We are truly lucky to witness his journey."